The 3-Ingredient Elixir that Can Clear Mucus from the Lungs and Strengthen the Immune System

The cold season brings us lots of runny noses and sore throats. Regardless if you have a cold or flu, the symptoms are really annoying and can interfere with your daily life. Luckily, there’s a remedy that will help you get rid of the excess mucus from the lungs, which requires only 3 simple natural ingredients: ginger, honey, and lemon water.

Excess mucus can indicate seasonal allergies, viral infections, and smoking-related conditions. You can determine the cause of your excess mucus by investigating the quantity, color, and consistency – not so pleasant task.

These simple yet powerful natural ingredients can reduce the excess mucous and phlegm in your throat, nose, and lungs.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Experts recommend increasing the daily intake of water to help loosen and wash down any phlegm located in the back of the mouth and throat. What’s more, water can flush out the toxins that are contributing to your ailment. If you like to regulate your body temperature, drink warm water, and if you like to help and improve the function of your immune system, drink cold water.

Benefits of Ginger

You can still have that excess mucus even though you’re no longer sick. Ginger can relieve headaches caused by the congestion of sinuses, and reduce the phlegm buildups left behind after recovering from an infection. It can significantly improve the entire system, and the active compounds oleoresins found in this plant are usually included in most cold and flu remedies.

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